Featured in the 29th annual KNIVES 2009 Book,
500 Knives by Lark Books and
Modern Custom Knives by David Darom.

Quality Bladesmithing

Custom Knives

Forged Steel/Damascus

Dan Graves - The Knife Maker

I have been making knives since 1995 and took my passion full time in 2004.   You can view a sampling of my work within these galleries and post.
I build custom knives to your specifications or based on any of the knives you see here. Either way you’ll receive my lifetime guarantee and a handcrafted knife that will perform for generations.
I’m always available to answer questions or take orders for a knife. Please contact me here for a speedy reply.

A Variety Of Styles


Small Blades

Smaller knives with blades generally less than 5". Skinner's, Utility, Daggers, Miniature's...

Medium Blades

Nedium size blades ranging between 5 & 8", Fighters, Utility, Daggers, Kitchen, Bowies...

Large Blades

Larger knives. Blades over 8". Large Bowies. Fighters, Daggers, Bush knives and more.

Daggers Only

This gallery contains various blade lengths all made in the dagger style.

Alternate Views

Various styles with alternate views. Close-ups, sections, and different angles.

Recent Additions


Dan makes great knives, I have three and every one of them outstanding. Great price too, got all mine on the secondary market as they go quick when posted by Dan himself!
Big Rick
I have one of Dan’s larger knives. Workmanship is top notch. Nicest piece of stag I have owned and Dan is a joy to do business with.
S. West
Dan is a craftsman and a gentleman, his snakeskin damascus is beautiful, and honeslty I”d love to know where he sources his stag from because it is some of the nicest popcorn-style stag out there.
Nothing but good things to say about this maker.
S. Olson
Amazing quality and craftsmanship at very obtainable price points. Nice fella as well. You will not be disappointed. It cuts like a hot knife through butter. Take it out and use it!
Dan Graves is a five Star man. One of the best bladesmiths alive on this planet today, and is a super individual to work with. Knives are superbly built and very reasonable to boot!
C. Rector
After admiring every knife he’s listed … I finally decided I needed to pick one up. Absolutely incredible knife for the money. Really don’t know why I waited so long (maybe because I am really a gent’s folder kind of guy). Glad I decided to add this one to the collection. Would highly recommend him.hey go quick when posted by Dan himself!
I have two of Dan’s knives and just ordered one of the desk sets…I was going to wait until next year but the Chief Financial Officer (aka – she who must be obeyed) loosened the purse strings after I showed her a picture.
B. M. Gillum
Beautiful works of art. Good communication, very fast shipping and some of the nicest work out there. VERY SHARP knives. Good guy too. If you grab one you won’t be sorry. You have to be quick though because his knives only lasts minutes when he posts them.

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